We grow as an industry

Today is an interesting and fruitful day. I started the day meeting Kuang from 39est ,simply chatted since he just returned from his wedding in Arizona...
Later some of us planners gathered together to have dinner.. Initiated by Esta from Truly Harmony. Despite I was actually really busy, I decided I should make time to join such community.. and I come back refreshed.

In the past, it would be a strange thing if planners gathered.in fact players in Singapore wedding industry are often close up, afraid someone would come and steal the ideas for another. But time has changed.. those who are open often are those whom you can trust to share and build the industry. I am so fortunate to have met so some of them, from photographers to planners to florists, designers etc..

For brides out there, when choosing your vendors for your wedding, look out for suppliers whose work are tested and proven. But at the same time, be weary of those that bad mouth the others in the industry. You will know who you can trust by your gut feel.. and always follow your heart when choosing your vendors, it will not go wrong..


SweeTin said…
you looking 'growing' & glowing in this picture, Hannah! Blessings!