The meaning of wedding...

Today, I was invited as a guest to an old friend's wedding... and honestly the feeling of being a guest than a planner in a wedding is not just different, but it is a privileged place to be in away from my daily role.
The wedding started off with a few hiccups, yes I can't help to put on my planner's hat. Sound technician was not doing the job well, video montage was replayed, music pieces for key items were played wrongly, dancers were not positioned on the right platform and ironically pastor's phone went ringing half way through his heartfelt preaching.
Yet despite all these little oversight, I would say this is one perfect wedding I ever attended that was filled with intimacy and touching moments.
I witnessed the most loving and sincere couple, their love was vividly seen and felt. Every speech was great from the Dads' speeches, to the bridesmaids, and to the couple, all was unplanned for, and yet everyone was so real. Honour was given generously to the family and the couple. I actually teared couple of times just listening to the speeches.
And to end off, we have a great song - "Two words" sung by a friend, a beautifully scripted poem read by the Bride's sister (whom I have seen her grown up since age 9), and a fun-filled , creatively scripted wedding video from the church youth. Every moment in the wedding was so candid, so real, so spontaneous, so intimate, and most of all, the presence of God was clearly felt in that wedding.
I went back encouraged, refreshed and told a friend of mine who was there as well.. When a wedding is beautiful, guests walk out that place, encouraged and touched and the memories of that day are held dear. Vice versa when a wedding loses that, it was just another event. I came back praying God, make all my weddings ooze out intimate and touching moments, amidst of all the creative settings. I seek more than a perfect setting that wow the guests, I want a wedding that reflects the true meaning of celebration and love. Amen & Amen