March weddings are awesome!!

Finally, we have just received all the images from March weddings and I just can't stop smiling. In March, we have 3 weddings :
  • A British Indian Couple having a garden wedding at Raffles House in Fort Canning Park
  • A Taiwanese & Singaporean couple having exotic Maldives wedding at St Regis Singapore
  • A Singaporean and French couple having an enchanted wedding in Bali.

And each of the wedding setup is extensive and one of a kind. Yet strangely I was not tired, but was refreshed and energised, I just can't wait to do more of such weddings. I believe one of the key reasons for such energy was all 3 couples were trusting, and they allowed us to take one step further with the concepts and at the end of the day, everyone in our team had fun creating the concept and details. So enjoy the slide show, i.e. ; it may take slightly longer than usual, simply because Hannah just couldn't stop adding more pictures in the slide show.. :)