Knowing your couple..

Have been very busy these past few weeks, it's the month where concepts are created, and couples flew in every week to discuss what we have developed for them. I always love such meetings, every time when a proposed concept is shared, I could see the smiles and excitement my couples begin to have as they envision for their upcoming wedding. That's how every couple should feel abt their wedding.

I met up a bride from Perth today, and I remembered her groom asking me over an email, "Hannah, do you have enough information about me to help you to conceptualise, since I have not shared much during the last interview..." I assured him yes I think I know both of you well, don't worry. And today's concept was another smooth sailing experience.. my bride just loved the proposed details, and it was almost I have known her for some time. If the groom is here, I could even be certain, we can confirm all details despite the wedding is 4 months away.

To me a wedding is a reflection of the couple... their love story, and their unique experience they are going to share with many, tho it is also a reflection of the planner. My joy as well as my challenge is how much do I strive to know my couple.. and how much our creations further reflect that. My colleague often ask me how do you ever know what they want? I don't really know how to reply that.. all I knew is I never stop dreaming, I never stop inspiring the fantasy within them...and I've learnt to never doubt my judgment and my creativity, but be confident that God has given me enough talents to do the job I have been placed to do... Like what my mentor always remind me : Love your job, and love life, and let your work be a reflection of the life that you live...


-LiSa- said…
Hi A.Hannah! Just dropped by to say hello, how are you? :P
Hannah Chong said…
Oh hi Lisa, for a while was trying to figure are you my bride, or my youth... I miss the A.

I have been busy... lots of last min weddings this yr.. strange.. I think after Sep.. I will be so used to 6 weeks notice weddings... looking forward to my trip to Hokkaido and Tokyo... I do need to get out of Singapore.. :)