Divinely awoken by my dream, and my passion to blog is birthed once again!

This is really the wee hour of the day, I was awoken up by a strange dream about my passed on paternal grandma and somehow those memories of her seems so near to me like yesterday. I couldn't go back to sleep, and a vivid recollection of my conversation with her a month before she passed on in Dec 2008 lingered in my mind.  Do you sometimes wonder after a dream, which part of your memories was real and which part was not? I literally just experienced that. So I wanted to verify whether that conversation I had with her did happen, and so I woke up from my sleep and starting recollecting. 

And guess what, I was literally brought back to my blog posts, because years ago, I have penned down all my journey as an entrepreneur, my passion and my woes, my experiences in business in this blog of mine i.e. www.hannahchong.com. My blog was like my diary and it would have recorded all the key happenings in my life. And suddenly everything makes sense,  it was clear to me that I was not dreaming about the conversation I have had with grandma, the timing and season of what have happened become vividly clear to me. Everything that had happened then, God had a purpose and God was in it. Now thinking back, God wakes me up today in this strange accord to remind me nothing in life that has happened was coincidence, unplanned, and not in His control. And honestly, this reminder comes in freaky but timely for me in this season. My ex-clients and fans then knew me much through my blogging. Blogging then was never done out for marketing. There was no Instagram, no Pinterest and no Tiktok during those days, and blogging platform was then the only social media other than Facebook. All along, blogging to me was an expression of my journey as an entrepreneur. Candid and honest was my tone, but the beauty and gratitude of God's love and provision for me was my expression. 

My beloved Grandma whom has taught me to love generously.

I always felt I should blog again especially in this season of covid, how I progressed differently now as an entrepreneur compared to the past, but somehow I never get to do it, due to many personal reasons.  And today, my blogs reminds me what had happened, where I was, how I have grown, and most important they are my cherished recorded moments, which will become my stories to share in my lifetime, So here I begin again after 3 years of not blogging. I am sure this time, after 17 years of being an entrepreneur, this new blogging spirit is going to be exciting. Cant wait to see and record what the future has in store for me. 


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