The launch of our new website....

Finally, after 5 months of on and off working on the web in the midst of all the weddings, we finally launched our new website.. It is strange, the first person that check our website is not my partner, supplier or friend.. rather my brides..

Felicia, one of my earliest bride in 2005 : Hey Hannah, saw yr web, happy 2 C yr biz has grown and God is blessing you.. I refered a few friends to your website:)
My recent brides, Linda commented : Love the feel of your new website. Feels even more pro and content-rich now, and the online shop is a great addition! Faith : Hey, saw your website. It's beautiful and yr interview.. You look really glorious.

Can't deny all these little comments made my day. We uploaded the site on last Sun(just 2 days ago), I could not wait any further.. have been directing my designer for so long from overall concept, to personally selecting the backdrop design and colours, to the content writeup, what pix to fit into which section, whose wedding to showcase, how to ensure navigation is user friendly etc etc .. and finally I decided ok.. enough of checking and editing, let's just launch it.

Sometimes I think it is more difficult to create your own designs than creating others.. I ended up becoming a perfectionist... and poor Eugene, he's patient with me. I think I eventually taught him how to be feminine from someone who has never created a wedding nor lady's portal to one who's eventually understood my language and my thoughts. Thanks Eugene, you are a star.

I suppose the change from the former site to this site, shows how Hannah has evolved as a wedding planner and designer. Some may like the new site, some may not... nevertheless it is true, the new site shows how I have grown as a planner, an artist as well as an entrepreneur. And at the end of the day, I still want to remember who has helped me thus far.. The Faithful one above... Thank You Lord.


xiaoji said…
Dear Hannah,

I am always dream to be a wedding planner too. had been searching for jobs and tired. Now, want to do something which I like. But I don't know how to start or to do. Saw your website and blog, I really envy you. Is it very tough to be a wedding planner?