Wedding planners in Singapore

Last Thursday, there was an article about Singapore wedding planners. Somehow the journalist has written in an angle that made all the planners sound so candid.. twisted in her own angle of writing.. Nevertheless, I was also happy to see the faces that were appeared in the papers.
Most of them have become a friend and partner with us over the years. And to able to see all your partners gain a standing in this market makes you feel the industry has become more and more respected.

In the past, you won't get to hear a wedding planner promoting another... Everyone was cautious of everyone.. and yet the last 1-2 years, things have begun to change.. a group of us have realised each of us planner is different and unique, and we attract our own range of clienteles.
And instead of hiding from one another, we began to realise industry sharing is a great way of growth for each one of us, at the same time it is a motivation to see this industry grown to be more professional and respectable by many. The other good thing is our couples get to understand our roles better, and that helps us to serve them better and more effectively in accordance to the way wedding planning should be.

I was really happy.. today, when I received an email from Kim sharing some warning of scam email.. it was comforting.. because we no longer see ourselves as industry enemies.. but rather partners that will further motivate one another to grow and share..
I strongly believe that this will be the way the wedding industry will move towards in the coming future. And may the wedding planners path the way...


Hi Hannah,

i'm sharon..i actually came across heaven's gift website and also saw your blog..i'm actually very interested in being a wedding planner but i have no idea how to go about it..i've always love to see people get marry and witness thier love..

i know this may be a little abrupt but i wonder if ya can give me some advise or is there an opening to work with ya?..i will appreciate it greatly..thank you..

my email is
Hannah Chong said…
Hi Sharon, thanks for dropping by... many have asked me the same questions.. do check on the few comments earlier... I have my advice on that..

As for an opening with Heaven's Gift, at this juncture, we are not recruiting... we just consolidated the team we wanted.. but do press on in believing your dream... as long as you are focus, you will get where you want to be.