Exotic Bali - another great Bali wedding...

I just touched ground from Bali, and when I logged onto my inbox, I was thrilled.. one thank you note from my couple from the Bali wedding, one link from Gabriel Mendes blog for the pictures he took, and one sms from Kuang whom I brought in to take some of the details shot.. every note from the team just makes me want to do another wedding soon in Bali.

The couple enjoyed themselves, the guests were spontaneous and they knew how to have fun, the team behind the scene were great. I would not have done it without you guys, thank you once again..

One thing I love about Bali, the people are so patient, they know how to make their clients happy. Usually in Singapore, besides having to supervise the setup, and the testing of sounds and lightings, my team has to further supervise the servers to ensure they response to the guests' requests, but in Bali, we just need to get the setup and details ready, and the Balinese and Javanese servers always amazes me, I just don't need to supervise, they sure know how to serve the guests well.

This wedding is as challenging as any of my other weddings, we need to build the dancefloor, the floating walkway and stage on the pool, and the first time we did it in this venue - Atas Ombak. So imagine while band was performing, guests were dancing, and next you know, everyone jumped into the pool the moment the party began.. yes, it's crazy.. but everyone had fun.. I know my team was crazy trying to ensure no one slipped and hurt themselves.. esp my bride. At the end, all went well... So enjoy the pictures taken by Gabriel, and I can't wait to see the rest and the lot from Kuang too


faithfu7 said…
Hey hannah,

i saw your recent works =) It is so pretty! Love all the setup =)When i was celebrating my wedding anniversary in inter-con 2 weeks back, I thought of you. Thanks for making my wedding a memorable one with all the pretty decor =) Maybe 15 years down the road, we can do another wedding with a renewal of vows! The Lord take cares of you and your team =)
Love ---Faith
Hannah Chong said…
Hey Faith,

Happy Belated 1st Anniversary... I am happy to be able to be a part of your wedding as well.. thank you for trusting us..
Do keep in touch, esp when you have yr first born.. God bless