Tribute to Adji

I was just informed, an ex-colleague of mine-Setiadji Adityawan (Adji) from Jakarta has passed away due to a heart attack. I am in shock, and this is a dear colleague of mine. We both have grown stronger ever since our last encounter at the Marriott Hotel Bomb in Jakarta 6 yrs ago... I am speechless and all I can do is pray for the family, and Adji, this is my little short note to you as you are watching down from Heaven.

Tribute to Adji, my dear brother..
What can I say about you, my pal..
You have had been a warrior who never stop fighting the good fight.
You have had been an encourager who never stop expressing your love for us
You have had been a brother who protect and stands by me all the time esp in my days in RPS..

Sometimes life seem so uncertain, so unpredictable, and yet I know from the bottom of my heart that you know like I do, that our unknown future is in the hands of a known God
I simply trust that you are resting in Him, I prayed just as much as I prayed for my granny...
that He knows what's best for your family, and He will take care of you, and your loved ones, just as He is taking care of mine and my loved ones..