Inspiration -Passion begets Passion

I just came back from a dinner with one of my couples.. Eugene & Fiona, a very laid back and a very sincere couple. I am always blessed to have met such down to earth clients. This meeting was the final concept meeting, allowing my couple to envision what the final wedding night will be liked with all the details. Ead joined me for this meeting to have a time with couple as well...

And somehow, our conversation evolves from concepts, to photography, to medical, to passion and life goals... it was an interesting but heart warming discussion. I was reminded passion begets passion just like fire begets fire. I came back excited, happy and I can't wait to see the wedding in its final totality.

I ponder as I am write this new post...this is the kind of life I want to live. I want to inspire others, I want to be inspired. There are not many chances when we meet people of same philosophy, and when we do, we wish we could linger longer.. because we often seek to find that gathering of new ideas, new inspiration and eventually find like-minded friends and co-workers.

Hmm... not sure how to end this post, but for now, I want to say I do love my job. As crazy and hectic as it can be at times, it is as adventurous, exciting and intriguing. I can' wait to be in HK.. it will be one learning experience I will remember for life. This year will pass by with more than I have ever asked or imagined.