Perfectionist is it a good thing?

I just came back after a long meeting with my contractors for our upcoming showroom. Sometimes I am amazed I get to meet really good vendors in a short time, even while busy planning for my level 1 showroom, I came across great Classics Interior Designer Firm - The Interior Library - true genius and quality workmanship in classics design. And it was basically a recommendation by Patrick, another honest and devoted sofa designer. So in this journey of planning for your own office space, I met great designers as well as good contractors. It was loads of work to do your own design, and I am convinced in future, I just hire a designer to do all the specs. But being a creative person myself, I just can't help doing all the research on my own.. job hazard.

And interestingly, one designer enjoys the chemistry with another. We all believe in value for money, but at the same time, we even hold steadfast to quality creations. I remember Moses teasing me, Hannah don't rush to confirm us, you need to be comfortable with us? I was asking him why he was so chilled out in not closing the deal, and the answer he gave was classic - That's because we know what we can do and we will do it well. Excellent, I chuckled, isn't that what we will say to our clients as well..

And eventually I paid the extra and confirmed Interior Library for the job. I know I may save more by getting my Carpenter to duplicate some of the designs.. but I am as crazy in getting the precision I want. So in the end, getting the right expert is the way to go.

So what have I learnt : Do your homework, but trust your heart. If you know someone who can do it, just let go and hand over the baton, and in return, you are pleasantly surprised to realise you are free from stress, and you can't wait to be wowed.


Mirey Karaso said…
Dear Hannah,
Today i had the occasion to meet you...from so far ..Istanbul-Turkey.
I am an event planner since more than 25 years,who nearly feels your feelings about your job.
You can meet me on
i would like to be in contact with you and share professional joy...and enjoy...
I was also with Colin Cowie about 10 years ago when he was in Istanbul,best regards to him from "La Bonbonniere',if you meet again.
Hannah Chong said…
Thank you Mirey, sorry for posting the reply that late.. have been busy and swarm with new office, and upcoming weddings..
Yes, I will love to connect, in fact been to Turkey, and love Istanbul and the Asian part of Turkey.. Stay in touch, 2010 will be an awesome year for all of us.
Happy2help said…
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