Pray, Live and Love...

It has been a while since I last blogged.. and I just have had a great dinner and catch up moments with one of my ex-client/couple. Beyond weddings, we discussed about life goals, dreams and our perceptions in life. Such time of exchange is always treasured, because often we are reminded that life is precious, and life is beyond mere possessions and achievements, it is a journey where one learns to pray, live and love.

This trip back from the US was not only fruitful, but it was enriching. I had much time left alone, reflecting the past 1 year of experiences and learnings, and coming to conclusion of what I really want in life. When one takes time to smell the rose, you really get to discover new outlook at the surroundings, the people around you, the way you even think and behave.. and everything looks different and feels refreshed when you put on a new perspective thru a new pair of lens.
Usually when I come back to the States, I have many agenda Iwant to achieve : looking at the new trends in weddings, looking out for the different vendors, browsing through all the magazines you can find, and this time, I decided to give myself a break from work, simply enjoying the country like a tourist. Instead of spending time working or shopping, I was blessed simply visiting the museums, the library, the markets, and exploring the different eateries we could find in a place. It was like what Juliet Roberts did in the movie, simply eating, praying and loving every bit of life. Hers in Bali, mine in Seattle.
So what did I discover at the end of the trip, here are my conclusive findings / statements :
  1. When your heart is at rest, you will hear the voice from Heaven. On my first day when I woke up in Seattle, instead of experience jet lag, I stood wide awake on my bed, and the first voice I heard was the Lord - and when I wondered did He really speak, He confirmed again and again with signs that blew my minds away. God does speak, my friend...
  2. When you decide to let go all agenda, and take moments to smell the rose, you discover that life is in fact filled with many beautiful roses, and everyone is special, everyone is awesomely created. When you are busy, you often have no time to discover the surroundings around you. This time, I paused to take time to appreciate the beauty and people around me, and I have found new friends and refreshed experiences. All of a sudden, you are convinced : life is never lonely... there are many God has created along the way to bless your heart, and in return you learn to bless others.
  3. Finally, I was encouraged to once again reminded : love believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails. There are so many who came to the States because of a love for someone, a love for their passions, a love for their dreams... Nothing could stop them from pursuing what they believe, as long as they continue to love and believe in love. I have witnessed some of the most amazing entrepreneurs who stood up for what they love, some of the most amazing couples who stood by each other... and yes, I was encouraged to love again..
Coming back home was a joy, especially coming back home to spend time with families for the Chinese New year. I was reminded I am able to do what I love to do, because I was fortunate to have my loved ones back home who are willing to release me to continue to excel in what I do.
So to all my friends and readers who continue to dream to do what we want to do : Remember - to be able to do what you love, you have to know you are loved. And there is One from Heaven, who loves us all beyond our imaginations.