What I discover about PASSION

This past 1 week, I have received couple of comments from friends and partners who reminded me : Hannah, you should blog more often, you should start writing again...

Yes, I need to blog more regularly, and stop giving myself excuses that I have been busy. On a honest note, I think I am going thru a season where I start to evaluate everything I do, what motivates me and what sets me apart to be who I am. And during this moment, I am pretty speechless... because you are in the season of soul searching, reflecting every step you make... there are moments of fear, moments of doubts, moments of tension, but at the same time, there are moments of anticipation, moments of envisioning, moments of faith. It is at times daunting, but it is often exciting.

This year, I really want to do something different, something that will make me look back and be happy that I pursue something beyond my norm, creating something that goes beyond natural thinking. Often, when you are in the same business for almost 9 years, you sometimes forget to pause and think what's next in life... and I do not want to end up in that state.

Being an entrepreneur is about making business senses, creating a business that you believe in, but I have also learnt being an entrepreneur is not all about closing orders, and running about fulfilling orders.. an entrepreneur needs to always be aware what is next in the pursuit journey.. what will be the next leap in your business, and most of all, what will be the next chapter in your career life that will still make you passionate about doing what you do..

And yes, I am in this current phase of life. Last week, an unexpected guest arrived in my office, and reminded me that life is a journey of pleasant surprises.. I bumped into an publication director who I once blogged about in one posting, we have a good closure or rather I would say a renew beginning. It was interesting when he said : Hannah, can I be honest with you, you need to blog more often, your blog is very transparent (I paraphrased), you are very bold in revealing who you are in your postings. Your blog is not about wedding ideas, the blog is about who you are, and in many sense, you put yourself as the product of your business.. wow, I was speechless. He was right, unintentionally, I am one of the products of my business, and maybe this is why I put a lot of hard pressure on myself, perfecting how I see, perfecting what I create. Thankfully, I have a group of ladies and partners who believe in me, and are willing to allow me to lead them in the way I believe in my dreams.

Today, I saw the pictures I have from our Penang wedding, and I was touched.. It was a wedding of detailed work, and much precision. The number of hours we put in for each wedding often make me appreciate of my committed team. Imagine doing concurrently two events setup, one after another with only 3-4 hours of rest per day, for consecutive 4 days. Imagine creating personalised menu cards with guest names and their choices of main courses individually printed and packaged. Imagine having only 1 lifter to hang the 120 parasols for the ballroom and 10 large floral arrangements, and having to take them down all over again in perfect order for the banqueting team to turn over for the next wedding within 5 hours... Yes, no one can imagine. I will always remember this event, I saw myself running about in my long evening gown, directing remaining guests from the ballroom to another pub (across the street) to continue the post party after past 2am... assuring everyone was well taken care, before we headed back to hotel after 3am plus... it was hilarious, but it was a night I took a long while to wind down, in fact I could not sleep the whole night. Yes, that's the extent we serve our couples, and their guests, from the moment they touched ground to Penang, to the moment they left this island.

Often I wonder, does every planner go through what we go through... but at the end of the day, I concluded : regardless what others do, given a chance again, I will still do what I do, to serve the host and family to a point that we know we have truly understood what "entertaining with style and sincerity" means. This is what I called "Passion - a desire and belief to be excellent in whatever you do or envision to do".Lord, give me a new strength and faith for the next leap, there are still much to learn and grow.

To God, be the glory.. These are some of our favourite pictures from the Penang weddings - A Welcome Party to experience local Penang street food in a Art Decor Chic Styling, as well as a separate day Wedding Reception in E & O Hotel that combines Penang Charm and Old English floral touches...


A Visitor said…
A truly eloquent and inspirational post, one that reinforces all that is unique about your personal 'product'. I'm sure I speak for countless others, those who read but don't comment, who are fascinated by the entrepreneurial passions, principles, and perfection you bring to the (wedding) profession all the while candidly sharing the anxieties and frustrations that are part of the creative and business building process.

- A Visitor