Designing Placecards

Finally we finished painting all the eggs... It was a placecard concept we created for the coming wedding theme - Country Victorian. We wanted to create a placecard that is fun, unique, personalised and reflects a part of our couple...who also enjoy painting

So instead of the usual printed placecards, we have a personalised painted egg in a customised egg holder. As usual, I am excited exploring new ideas, and my client bought the idea proposed.. But I must say the process of doing that was hilarious.

First we have to source for large white eggs.. not any brown or beige ones.. white.. and I never know shopping for eggs can be so difficult until my colleague went around searching.. Next, we have to master the skill of draining the egg content without breaking the egg shelf.. what a skill.. and finally the exciting moment came, it is the process of painting the egg..

I am fortunate to have talents who are willing to execute the work with great patience. It is definitely labour intensive and time consuming...We get to propose the designs, fine tune it and to a point of exploring the various calligraphy that will look good.. and it was one long process.. But when all is done, and you grew to fall in love on what you have created.. you know it's all worth it.. and that is what it matters..


Anonymous said…
Chanced upon your blog... Love the personalized egg!! Its so pretty... and unique!!! Guess u guys muz have put in tons of efforts in it. its just wonderful and perfect. =)Fen
Hannah Chong said…
Thanks... yes it is with much efforts, and I told myself we just going to do this once for this wedding.. but all was well..

check out the pictures for this wedding at ead's blog .. so happy when i see it - Chak & Jo's wedding