Be selective in whom you want to serve

I pondered for a long while whether to write abt how I felt tonight.. and finally I realised blogging is revealing the truth within, so that all may learn and experience what has been encountered. Hence, I am going to share one true experience of some woes of being a wedding planner.

Tonight, I ended my day pretty lousy...
I have been very busy trying to get ready for the coming wedding, and yet at the same time, have been following up patiently for a long overdue payment from my ex-client on behalf of a videographer for almost a year.. Long story, basically a work done, and payment was not paid until a year later i.e. this week.

The next I knew, a sms came today after the payment was received, stating the video was not working. I was surprised, because personally whenever a project is delivered by our partner, we would have that tested many times.. and besides, this was one video I love. In the end, my videographer has to dig out the raw files that was one year ago.. and reduplicate one set for my client complimentary. I felt bad for my videographer, and I pondered for a long while.. Who's fault was it really???

As professional wedding planner, our role is to recommend the right expert for a job and to ensure whoever we recommend, our couple will eventually be pleased with their works. We took pride in what we do, and in partners whom we commend and work with.
To me, ensuring quality work is what I stress myself on. And when I knew a quality work is done, and yet clients claim otherwise, I am weary because to me, the whole consultation and planning chain is been sabotaged.

Over the years, I have experienced and heard of stories of how clients can sometimes be manipulative and take the advantages of wedding planners' roles as middle agent. I somehow wish an association is setup to protect professionals like us..
One lesson I am definitely forced to learn after all these years : Choose your client, and those whom you want to work, it's no longer abt making money, it's about pursuing your passion and creations with people whom you enjoy and believe in you...
And that's certainly one fundamental I will treasure to remember in my growth as an entrepreneur.


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