How do you budget for your wedding?

In all my initial meetings, I always do a budget draft for my couples. Budgeting is key to any wedding plans. Without a budget, one will fail to envision what's the depth involved in a wedding.
So for a while, I have wanted to share this with all of you. The following percentage is what I called an estimate for a decent wedding in Singapore, and we are referring to an average wedding concept, not one that is lush and extravagant. A decent wedding will also mean you will put aside some money for decor, for weddings details, and not entirely have all yr weddings details been provided complimentary by your venue owner. Often, we love what we see in bridal magazines, those intricate touches and wedding details, but such details are often not provided by hotel or venue owner. So you need to set aside money if you want your wedding to be personalised.

Cost to set aside :

  1. Ceremonial Rental & Ceremonial Reception - 2 to 5%
  2. Banquet Rental & Banquet Reception - 30 to 50% (the larger the guest list, this will increase)
  3. Wines and Special Beverages - 10 to 15 %
  4. Wedding Cake -3%
  5. Floral & Decor Setup (which may include lightings) -15 to 25%
  6. Bridal gown & suit -3 to 5%
  7. Makeup artist & Hair Stylist - 2 to 5%
  8. Bridal Party Floral Essentials - 3 to 5 %
  9. Wedding Stationery (invites, escort and place cards, menu cards etc) -2 to 5%
  10. Wedding favours - 2 to 5%
  11. Entertainment & Sound system - 5 to 10 %
  12. Actual Day Photographer & videographer - 10 to 20%
  13. Wedding Planners - 8 to 15%
  14. Special corners - if you decide to have Polaroid stations, special candy corner etc - 5%

Other personal costs which we do not consider into a wedding budget, as they can vary and be as large as one desires :

  1. Rings
  2. Gifts for your bridal party and helpers
  3. Honeymoon
  4. Overseas guests travel and accommodations
  5. Special transport and tour arranged
  6. Pre or Post parties

The percentage may vary as the size of your guest list varies.. so take time to work out your budget and decide between both you and your partner, which of the above items are priority to you, those will be the one that will be taking the major segment of your final budgets.

Trust this is helpful to you all.