Eve of each wedding

This week, I have 3 celebration events for a couple. You would have guessed it, it is an Indian wedding. In some ways, I could say it is my first traditional Indian wedding that I am planning. or should I say not that traditional.. esp it is still an Inter-racial marriage of an Indian bride and a French groom..
This wedding has enabled to see how knitted Indian families can be. Last night, we had the Mehndi & Sangeet, I hardly see the crowd eat, but everyone was dancing and partying till 2am.. the friends and relatives offered dance items and special dedication as a blessing for the couple.. it was colourful.. Tomorrow is the wedding ceremony where couple will be prayed for in a Mandap. It will be interesting, my first witness of an Indian ceremony.

Yes, you must be wondering why am I still up late writing my blog... ya, that's always happen on eve of a wedding. It was not stress, not last min work (as all have been settled, my colleagues are a great when comes to completion of work). I never understand why.. the eve of a wedding, my energy level is extremely high... I will be checking websites, blog.. or reviewing my marketing plans... haha.. ya I have to agreed that I am a workaholic..

Or maybe after all the planning... you left only one area you know you can't plan - that is the Mother nature... and often I spend quite some time on bed just talking to God above... Lord pls help me to believe that tomorrow's another great day you will provide : cool wind, no rain.. and great weather... esp when it is another outdoor wedding, and I took a step of faith not to erect any tentage, and rely on existing shelter alone...
Then as I was reading my blog.. when I saw the text I wrote for my own profile and it was a reminder :
"Every wedding is a dream fulfilled, every wedding is a gift from Heaven"
So Father, I simply trust this wedding in Yr great hands... You will great the desires of my heart.


Anonymous said…
Hi Hannah!

I came across ur blog while i was surfing for 'wedding planner'.
I was reading your posts casually, basically just skimming.. but then these words on one of ur posting suddenly jumped up..., the words u wrote.. 'the Holy Spirit told me..' :D

It's such a blessing to know a wedding planner that is led by the Holy spirit. :)

Keep up the gud job in ur blog! I do enjoy reading it.

- Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you your heart desires. - Psalm 37:4