The Almighty One reigns !

Wednesday Indian wedding ceremony was great.. Though I have to say, this short statement has travelled through much thoughts and efforts both from Planner and Host's point of view. My bride's granny felt and fractured her hip, and she was sent to A & E early in the morning.. while the rest were preparing for the wedding.. Yes, it was a period of intense emotions.

As a planner, I can't do much to ease their anxiety at home.. all I want to do is to pray for her granny just as I have prayed for mine (my granny fell and her spine bone suffered compressed fractured, took her almost 6 months to have her walked properly without pain, so I knew the pain having seen her endured thru). And I have to say, I do love this bride.. Nisha is so cheery and so assuring all the time.. that I just want all to go best for her..

And of course, the day started well, my team could build the tentage, set the stage, and set the dining, stalls and kitchen area before caterer coming in to setup the dishes. Yes, it's one wedding where we have live kitchen, food stalls like a little carnival. It was great fun, seeing the moments pass by.. with the final touches from the floral team.. and finally waiting for the arrival of the guests. Interesting, when all was done, it started to drizzle.. and my heart wondered for a while. Lord, you did say today would be another great wedding... hmmm... I decided to just be still...
Finally when the guests come, the rain stopped.

Kuang, the photographer came to me after the ceremony shots was over and said"Hannah, tonight's day light is awesome, one of the best.. look at the pictures.. " He was happy that he could have such great lightings... and I was smiling and thanking God... now God I know why the rain. For normal day, it will be sunny, glaring and humid.. but You set the time, the weather, and even the moments for us to able to capture it with mere human hands.. and truly the Almighty One reigns. My prayer : You will reign in this family.


Unknown said…
Yes, the Lord indeed reigns. It is truly a miracle whenever you encounter an outdoor wedding and the weather is just... perfect. Someone once told me, God loves weddings too much to allow it to rain. I guess that saying is quite true. God did not allow rain on my wedding day. It was outdoors. And there was no back up plan. Thanks be to God!

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