Everything is possible!

Last night wedding was awesome. I was aware the setup was huge when I designed it.. but never have I expected the 2 hour turn around was truly challenging... I wanted to create a 7.5m square structure of 4m height to build it like a huge Indian Mandap (where live band is positioned at the main stage, and guests dancing within the Mandap) - with details that have a twist between modern European design and Indian detailing..

We had the ballroom at 5.30pm, everyone from lightings, sound, floral, band .. and we have David Gomez Quartet, so all expectations of quality details were high...When the last min clocked in i.e. 8pm.. all was up, one last step - photography of the details.. and I have to say the atmosphere was intense... last instructions for lightings and ok, all ready, the banquet door has to be opened.. when guests walked in and started taking their cameras out to take the stage and setup.. I was happy, once again, we made it for the setup we wanted..
I did panic when I saw the truss erected and seemingly leaning forward to the hotel chandeliers. Everyone held their breath.. and once again, my team has not disappointed me. Thank you guys for all the hard work. Even Tama Goh turned to me and said "It's amazing to see such a setup in such a short turnaround time"... and I have to say "Tama, thanks for rolling up yr sleeves and gave us a hand. I did not expect to see him smiling as he assisted in supporting the ladder for my floral team. After all, he's a celebrity himself. But I suppose everyone was united to see a setup completed as envisioned...

When the host, Uncle of bride came to me and said "Hannah, I have to say, looking from the two wedding setup this week, I saw yr strengths and the way you conceptualise - the word is "Understated Elegance", not loud nor tacky, that's your talent as a wedding planner. I was honoured to receive this new compliment: Yes, that is always what I wanted for all my weddings and parties... and hearing those words, once again brings me comfort and assurance in all the steps I have taken in creating the weddings I have envisioned for each bride.