Another great wedding....

I just came back from a wedding, and as usual.. after a wedding, I always seem to have a surge of energy within me, it must be rubbed off from the excitement from the wedding. Tonight's wedding is another great wedding for me.

I have a British-Singaporean wedding. A British groom with great intelligence and precision and a Singaporean bride who is down to earth and very generous. My joy as a planner is often I get to see the extreme differences of my couple, and yet at the end of the day, I witnessed their love and how it has transformed both of their lives.. and today was another such example. The groom said his speech in Mandarin, sang a Mandarin song to the bride and her guests, and finally had non-stop "Yam Seng" with all his guests... everyone was simply having fun.

The event started with expectations of accuracy and precision. I often know before a ceremony, every one somehow looks tensed because I suppose everyone wants to ensure all goes as planned. The rain came twice during the setup. We decorated the perimeter of the Palm Gardens fountain at Raffles Hotel, everything was beautiful and the rained poured.. Actually we are quite used to that, somehow rain does appear in weddings esp the unpredictable weather in Singapore, but often it does stop at the right time. True enough, it stopped half a hour before the wedding ceremony began.

And then everything after that was a breeze.. because when you know even Heaven was good to this pair, all would be well for the day. I enjoyed every minute in this event. The Chinese crowd had so much fun in the Yam Seng sessions, the band was great, and most of all, everyone was so spontaneous.. I was surprised when the mother of the bride came to me during dessert course, and asked if they could sing some songs. Sure, why not..

Often in local weddings, you never get to see Chinese crowd step to the dance floor voluntary.. but this wedding, I saw that.. Aunt sang her numbers, and relatives supported her by joining her in the dance floor.. I saw the groom coming to me smiling "I didn't expected this, from Yam Seng to Karaoke.. it's amazing, but this is great.. everyone has fun, thank you so much for making this possible..."

Sometimes I do hear comments : weddings can be boring... I differ from that thought.. weddings are intimate, spontaneous and a joy to remember, it's all about how real you want it to be.. and today, I witnessed another real wedding...I just love my job. Thank you God for once again making me feel great about my role.