It's a inspiring trip...

I am back... Everyone was asking me, so how's the trip? It's one of the most inspiring one I ever had. I love Orange County, such an organised city, with one of the most friendly people I met in States. Even the custom officers greet you with a smile, you felt so safe in that place.

And of course, this conference in Newport Beach was quite different from the one I went last year. More couture, more inspiring and meeting with Colin Cowie was a great lifetime experience. I never expected such a meticulous and genius party planner, could be so down to earth and so gracious in his thoughts. I think that makes him stand out from the other celebrity planners. Every setup this time was more interesting than the previous one esp the luncheon with Colin.
Hearing his thoughts on what he thinks, he feels and how he creates bring me to appreciate life as a whole.. every part of him speaks about the kind of life and philosophy he holds dearly. If you want to know more about him, buy his book : Colin Cowie Chic. It's not about weddings, but it is about the lifestyle he upholds. Some may think he is extremely too obsessed with how he plans his life, but I felt that is what makes him excellent. I remembered one key note he reminded me from Wizard of Oz. A heart is not judged by how much you love, but how much you are loved by others. So true, isn't it.

On an interesting note, this Sun (after so many weeks away from church), I heard Pastor preaching the same thing : Excel in whatever you do, and if you want to excel, you have to discipline yourself to do what you don't like to do, to able to enjoy the very things you love to do. And one of such is being meticulous and being discipline to excel in every details. What an interesting match to what Colin has spoken.

I got to visit San Francisco as well.. visited the Fisherman's Wharf, the South Bay, which is the San Francisco Peninsula, beautiful homes, golf courses, and the nature, and one of the richest places in States. Have fun in these pictures.


-LiSa- said…
Hi! Didn't know u were at Orange County! My uni's campus is there. I'm heading there for 4 wks immersion come 2010! :P
Hannah Chong said…
Oh really, that's great, Lisa... it's a beautiful place.. I love the residents staying around Balboa Island. It was an interesting concept, most homes have a front pouch where people are free to enter or rather where they entertain their guests. The people are so warm and friendly, you see houses with large windows that enable outsiders to see through what's inside.. and everyone seems to trust everyone.. it's like those houses in fairytale books... I just wish I have a home there... anyway, you will have fun in your campus..

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