Away in States...

In couple of hours, I will be on the plane heading to Newport Beach for an annual wedding planner conference. This time, our special speaker is Colin Cowie, the celebrity planner who plans all Oprah's parties.. can't wait to meet him.. and can't wait to give myself a break for the day to day hectic schedules..was told this time, besides myself, there will be couple of Singaporean planners coming along, will be great to meet everyone..

Though part of me can't wait to leave Singapore, the only part of me worries about my granny at home. Just visited her, and was more comforted. She had a fall on Sun and hit her head. She looks better now, as she descibed her fall, she could still be smiling and her expressions were so innocent. I could not help but smiled at her. My granny is always such an encouragement, I know why I got my endurance spirit from. Oh God, pls take care of her... and pals out there, pray along with me..


Pablo said…
Hannah, during the conference your passion for wedding was second to none. Wishing you the best w/admiration.
Pablo, PBC
Hannah Chong said…
Hi Pablo,

I was just back... thanks for the little note..
It was a blessing to know as well.. Keep in touch.