A new me, or rather it has always been me..:)

Just came back from Bali, and it has been a long long while since I put my hands into doing the actual floral arrangements for this wedding. We did not have the budget to fly any of our florists down to Bali, so we decided to work with local Balinese florists, and styled the look ourselves based on the concept we wanted -Pretty summer gardens in exotic Bali.

And I am proud to showcase the works. We customise our own lanterns, we believed God for great weather, and it was a fine day. The other side of Bali was having storms, while on the hillside we were in, were shining brightly with cool winds. Isn't God amazing.. and He gave us the best sunset we can enjoy.. At the end, every partied, even my couple could not believe that their relatives were dancing hilariously on the dance floor.. they had a great time.

And yes, I had a hair cut, real short, but chic. I love it, it was back to the look I had when I first started Heaven's Gift. I always had short hair prior to starting my own business, love the carefree, love the sporty look. Then I came to the wedding business, where parents were wondering did I look too young to plan their children's weddings.. so I had to grow my hair to look "old" and "feminine". Yes, it helped in some ways.. but after all these years, I think short hair still fits me best.. that's the real me. And I love it.

2010 is just so special.. I felt a new energy, a new love and a new outlook.. I can't explain. Somehow I know it will be a great year of great discoveries and fulfillment.. I can't wait for Him to unveil what's in store for me..


fashionmama said…
This dress looks good on you!