Love inspires

Strangely, I seem to find time to blog only when I travel. I suppose in those moments, you review what you need to do for the trip, repack some items, and in the midst of the busyness of travel packing, you often have thoughts you ponder.. and I do have mine at this moment.

Last few weeks were crazy time for us, we have clients flying all over to see us, having meetings after meetings, and we have had 2 house parties to plan. It was a crazy 2 weeks. Precised planning with a client who knows what she wanted. I thought it was just a simple house party, but the precision was straining initially. I can't deny at the beginning it was stressful, to work with another skilled event planner cum designer, and you both rub onto each other (all aspects of energy and creativity).. and the irony is at the end of the two parties planned within 2 weeks, we connected, and somehow we found another good old pal whom we could hang out with. Isn't life amazing, that's what I love about my job.

This year, we achieve our bookings earlier than we expected. God is truly good, He promises amazing increase with rest and joy, and I believe strongly we have and will continue to have. I met some of the most amazing and lovely couples. The love and quirkiness they have with each other, the joy and fun in exploring the creations we have with them just thrilled me.. and in the midst of all, I experience love.. love that I cannot comprehend, love that I know God has brought within me..


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