Every talent is a gift...

Jan passes by so fast, and I decided to give myself and team a longer CNY break from 23-26 Jan. Time flies, before we knew, we have to begin our work tomorrow.. Somehow the beginning of a year always serve as a good reflection of past year growth, as well as setting milestones for the coming future.

Early this year, I have just discovered an ex-staff of mine has started her own event cum wedding planner company for a while, initially there were mixed feelings and emotions within me. She was one whom I have high hopes on and invested much, and one whom I believe we could grow the company with... but everything happens for a reason...

A friend of mine who is in the same business used to asked me, "Hannah, how do you manage your gals, aren't you afraid they will ever steal your trades or duplicate the business models for themselves??". My answer then was simple : People will come and go, if I have called this company Heaven's Gift, it must be a gift from God to me, and to the people that have come in contact with, esp the employees. Everyone He brings in has a role and purpose for the establishment of the company, as well as for the purpose of fulfillment for his or her life"

Truly, during this period, my words are tested. Yes, it is painful and disappointing to let my gals go for any reason. Having now being as an entrepreneur for last 8 years, I have also discovered, I am given with a vision of what Heaven's Gift will be , and my role is to be a faithful steward who will run with the vision set for me without regrets and fears, and God will always provide me the right resources for the right time. Now I looked back, I still believe strongly each talent is a gift from God, every staff was given for an assigned role. And my team has made a difference in what Heaven's Gift is today, and most of all, a difference in who Hannah is today as well.

Yes, it took me a while (few weeks) to ponder whether to upload this posting. I decided if I am a true blogger to share my life as a dreamer and an entrepreneur, I have to be transparent about my journey growing a business. Every blog is a true expression of the real Hannah within. A company is organic, change is inevitable. But one thing I am sure, the people I have trained will always be a part of Heaven's Gift, no matter where they will eventually venture to. The company has made an impact in who they are today, and will continue to be. My passion is to keep believing in new talents, keep training and investing, keep trusting and growing till the day the Lord asks me to stop and redirect me to another path or journey. To God be all glory.