My beloved travelmate and first Bath experience...

Currently am in London, just returned from Bath, and I fall in love with Bath. It will not be the first and last time for me in Bath. I could imagine myself retiring in this place - so quaint, so much charm with history, and most of all, the people here make you really feel at home.This trip to Europe has been a long awaited one. It has been almost 12 years since I last returned to Europe.. and the feelings back here is special. Last night, I decided to blog about my journey these 2 weeks. I was really praying that these 2 weeks rest will be filled with inspirations, special encounters and blessed surprises.. and I will discover and learn new things, understand my course ahead.

Bath at a glance - The River

Oh I just love all their shops front, I wish Singapore shops are as such.
My favourite Thai restaurant - Ma Tai

Everyone should try Sally Lunn's buns

And I was blessed to have good resident mate, Char is one of the church worship youths I love and be comfortable with. I kept saying she's my youth, in fact she has already become a young adult. Finally she has graduated in her pursuit of fashion education, and I believe she will be a great fashion merchandiser and designer to come.  Residing at her place makes me discover the joy of being young adults, how they see things, how they understand the world around them.

I love high street fashion and local boutiques, and new things, so it was very natural for me to love shops along Knightbridge. And interestingly, Char brought me to discover the other side of London, which I would never have imagined - the Brick Lane market - a place where owners sells antiques and vintage items. Honestly, I never buy used items, simply I am always concern abt the owners who possessed these items before. and as I browsed through those items, I started to discover that there's so much history and heritage each item brings, and it changes my perspective. I was asked to step into the oldest bookstore in Bath with Char, and I was ashamed to be reminded how many old books I have thrown away in last 2 years in the midst of shifting.. and there are so much treasures in each of them...

Observing Char browsing thru the shelves of old books, and was thrilled when she found a needlework   book, I was happy to see my youths treasuring the old.. and embracing the past to discover the new she's pursuing..

When I woke up this morning, I saw one of Char's flat mates- Li Shan, preparing this for us.. and I was really touched. Thank you Lord for showing me the new perspective of the next generation. I am blessed.


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