Preparation for this weekend Diamond Jubilee Celebration...

Today, I decided to revisit London places of interest like a tourist, alighted myself at Westminster Bridge Road, strolled along the River Thames, saw the Big Ben, the London eye, the various bridges... and walked past the different eateries.. and took a long walk to Buckingham Palace...  one thing was sure, everyone was excited in preparation of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebration which will begin from this weekend onwards for 4 days..

I pondered a while, if we would to celebrate our ex-minister mentor, Lee Kuan Yew's reign as our founder and leader for the last 50 plus years, will there be the same corporate and individual excitement in our land. I really hope it will..  He has built the Singapore today, and as I travel about in the world, I have to say Singaporeans ought to be really proud what He has done for us - a country that is so young and yet is so known in the world for who we are and what we can do.. 

Take a look at some of the interesting shots of the way the English has prepared for the upcoming celebration of their Queen.. they truly love and respect their queen, and I can't believe when I saw the people buying the cardboard statue of the queen to be placed in their parties, when the salesgirl was trying to see how to wrap the cardboard statue, the customer exclaimed : "Pls don't bend our queen, I want her to be in shape..." that's so funny..

Harrods presents a series of customised crowns for their Queen

Jelly bean crown - anyone wants to wear or try it?!

Decorations of Royal coloured flags

Lots of goodies for the Diamond Jubilee Party for you to choose.
I wish I can buy them all...

Her majesty favourite corgis...

Do you want to bring the Queen home??

The concert stage is in the process of setting up, 
to be ready for next Mon's performance..

Can't wait to see the event this weekend....


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