Contentment is great gain

The recent road trip did do me lots of good... I realised how much, stillness and freedom of space can enhance one's life... Since this week is CNY.. and you get to meet loads of people. One of the common questions many asked me was "How's your business, how's doing?" Each time when this question was asked, I marvelled as I looked back... I have not done much marketing really, other than faithfully updating our website, and striving to do something good and something different in each wedding and meeting the right people, and I must say My Lord is faithful. Every time I looked at the calendar, and when a month is quiet, I simply commit that to Him.. and without fail, He knew what I need, and enquiries will be closed at the right time and moment. To me, volume is not the key, it is the quality and passion felt in each project. I want every wedding to be one I am connected, one my team enjoys creating, not mere busy abt. Afterall, this business is birthed out of passion and vision, not out of survival...

I can't deny I am so used to receive enquiries from couples at very late notice.. and often I enjoy planning such weddings..This month alone, the couples whom we have spoken to require to get married in April and May.. and many couples often are stressed that the planning period maybe too short and tight... Now I looked back, my first few weddings were all planned within 2-3 weeks.. and they were some of my best and most enjoyable weddings..
The key thing abt planning such short notice weddings is to be precise in what you need and want, and trust experts that we knew what's best for you... I often tell couples "Wedding is a reflection of the host", so enjoy the process, and not be stressed out unnecesssary.. if you read the word "STRESSED" backwards, it is actually spelt "DESSERTS", likewise, if you look at the piles of planning task to do, you would be overwhelmed, but if you learn to enjoy the planning discovery, and see everything as something new, something different, it would be desserts for you..
Contentment is great gain... My advice for all you couples.... Enjoy and discover each other thru the planning for the journey ahead as a married couple...Have fun.


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