Live Simply

I just came back from my family trip.... and I must say I had a great time. Went up to Cameron Highlands.. where your life there was simple, slow and steady. We lived in the Lake House, great boutique hotel but no TV in rooms.. strange but basically it taught us City Dwellers to forgo the "TV Box" for something better... and we did eventually appreciate.

It's strange for planners like us where we spend most of our time creating and imagining weddings that wow our couples, to realise that simple natural things God created on earth are actually very beautiful without us trying to recreate it.. I took this picture by accident and I love it.. somehow, it was taken at the right angle, no edit, no special lens, mere shot taken with a digital camera.. and yet to me, it shows the beauty of Creations.. from leaves to budding flowers to pretty fruit, growing among the many.. and I just love it.

I came back learning to be contented with the simple things in life.. this yr, I am happy with most of the wedding creations.. and literally look forward for each one to come... looking back, we have grown over the years.. and last week, just b4 I left for Cameron. I received a call from a potential client's mother after reading the article from the Urban... the first things she said to me was "I love your company's name - Heaven's Gift.. it's really nice.., how did you get this name?"

I smiled within : indeed the company is Heaven's Gift to me..." and may every wedding we create be Heaven's Gift to those who receive.


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