A to Z of Putting GO back into Goals

Since I could not sleep, just touched ground in Singapore, and beginning to experience Jet lag...
Wanted to share this with all of you, as I was refreshed by Jacques Weisel's session in the conference: A to Z of Putting the GO Back Into Goals :'

A : Goals have to be achievable
B: Goals have to believable to you
C : Goals have to be conceivable, visualise, set the date and go for it
D : Goals have to be desirable.
E : Enthusiasm is the key to achieving goals
F : This is a good one.. Forgive yourself and others.. do not be hard to yourself or others
G : Learn to golly.. let go and laugh it off
H : U don't become Happy, you are Happy
I : Be an Icon, don't be afraid to be different, move beyond what people's think of you
J : Join an Association, networking not thinking "what's in it for me" rather "what can I do for you". People who do the latter apparently stay 6.5 yrs longer
K : Kick old habit, kindle propelity
L : Listen, we're busy listening to ourselves, we fail to listen to others.
M : Motivation, know why you are getting up everyday
N : Nil Forbia. The only place that negatives belong is the photograph shop, not your mind, so flee from negatives
O : Embrace Obstacles. Anything that does not kill us strengthen us
P : PMS - Post Mentality Syndrome, get rid of that
Q : Quantity and qualify what you want.
R : Referrals, referrals, referrals
S : Set short range goals for long term goals
T : Train, train train. Stay fresh and be refreshed
U : Ultra-diamrynthmn is giving yourself a break every 90-120 min. The mind gets restless at that time so is normal for you to feel not good.. so take a break, have kit kat
V : Victory becomes a daily occurrence if you believe it
W : Worry is the interest paid of a loan you never take up, so stop worrying
X : Xtraordinary. Be happy what you have, you can do extraordinary works within what you own or possess
Y : You'll receive the right portion according to what you are made or born with
Z : Zero or Hero depends on how you approach it mentally


Anonymous said…
Hi Hannah!
You sure are a breath of fresh air!

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