Thank you Nicole & Jiawei

Just came back after a dinner with my couple, Nicole & Jiawei... this was the couple that allowed me to create the theme Childhood Fantasy, for their wedding with touches of Hello Kitty, since Nicole is a fan of Hello Kitty...Love this wedding, so simple and yet so personal...

They gave me a Champagne glass with my name engraved on it, so apt.. I love drinking champagne. Today I was simply myself, sharing my encounters, joy and woes I have as a planner.. and they laughing over some of the silly things our jobs can encounter..
We had a good time sharing, and somehow I realised I missed travelling.. I realised I have not travelled as much as I used to.. and those fond memories came back when I shared abt the places I have been too.. it's time for me to travel again...

Tomorrow, I am meeting some ex-couples of mine.. can't wait to catch up with some of them.. for some, they have become friends.. and I can be simply myself with no pretense.. and that's the part I love most..


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