Learn to be still, new joy comes...

Today is my off day... Yes, I do have off days, and am trying very hard to discipline myself to keep them as off days, and stay away fr work (but I have compromised by making some business calls, well it's necessary :) Usually, if we have no weddings on Sun, then Sun & Monday are our official off days... So for me, I don't get to have Mon Blues :) In fact, Mon is my happy day, I get to slow down myself, and relax my system, and usually creative ideas and refreshing moments come quickly during these periods.

I am now waiting at the car servicing centre, so I have my laptop.. reading some blogs, and updating mine as well.. Jus gone to Mac to have a long breakfast and was taking a bus to the mechanics to collect my car, (have not taken bus for so long), asked the driver the bus fare, when he knew where I was going, he said "never mind la, it's so short, I would give you a free ride... unexpected favour, I am happy... somehow when you are relaxed and not stressed, favour comes and you are quick to give thanks.
This period is my conceptualisation period.. so it's always good when my mind is relaxed, I get to see things beyond the natural eyes.. and I was reminded : Be still, in quietness and confidence trust, you will find your strength. So stay cheerful, stay focus, stay relaxed.. this is true.. when one is contented, all will be well... and even in the midst of uncertainty, miracles happen all the times.


Anonymous said…
although im still quite far away from holding a wedding (approx 5 years later if things go well), i really look forward to working with u when the time comes!

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