This is life...

This past 2 weeks was hectic for me. Recovered from the jet lag, planned a high profile wedding.. (but I must that was a great wedding and my clients were happy), had a series of food tasting, wedding rehearsals and now preparing for the upcoming wedding anniversary.
Throughout the journey, I witnessed joys of a loving couple, tension between couple and parents over minute wedding details, as well as the faithfulness of another who have decided to renew their wedding vows after 20 years of marriage...In the midst of all the events, and my daily duties as a planner, I got news that my Granny was sick and had to be admitted to hospital immediately.. part of me was burdened with my granny's conditions, the other side of me was managing my client's wedding joys, woes, expectations and details... And then I decided to tell myself, Hannah paused and breathe.. God is in charge..
I was reminded what Mindy Weiss once said in an article.. after thousands of dollars is spent on flowers, and even when the hurricane comes and blows them away.. just remembered God above is still in charge of our lives..

That is so true.. as much as I am a fairy godmother to many couples, but I am also a little child before my granny.. I learn to simply trust that all will be well.. Pastors in weddings always say what God puts together, no man can put a sunder.. and yes, what God has brought in union in any relationship, let no one dare to take away what He has in store for us.


Unknown said…
Hi Hannah, hope your granny feels better soon. Our prayers are with her and you.

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