I am so inspired and motivated

I am supposed to be sleeping, but couldn't sleep, so much is going thru my mind as I recalled the learning I have today simply by just observing Colin Cowie walking thru the details prior to the launch of the The Mira hotel.

Even as I am penning down my thoughts in this new post, my mind is blank.. I can only say I stand in awe of someone whom I really respect and one who is really really good at what he does. Somehow today's experience brought joy and a new inspiration to my soul..

Many local vendors often wonder why Hannah & team is so particular about everything. I will spend time and visits to relook at printing of wedding stationery, floral arrangements created by the florists, retesting the lights by the lighting crew, rechecking at the table settings etc etc. and why our team will painstakingly checking on every details..
After today when I compared what we have done to what Colin & team have done .. we have so much, so much to learn...I tell myself I am not going to be shy of striving to be meticulous, to be a perfectionist. If you want to be good at what you are doing, you have to really work hard to be excellent in all that you do.


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