I am back for more fantasy weddings...

Yes, finally Hannah's back blogging. I have been so so busy since last July, from designing the new office and showroom, to travelling around learning and creating more spectacular events. And the time with Colin Cowie in Hong Kong in last Sept was inspiring.. and the last 3 months, we were just back to back with events after events and my hectic travelling schedule.. and in the midst of all, I told myself I need to spend time with family and friends, so I planned our parties (yes it is job hazard), but I had one of my best Christmas party with my partners and New Year family reunion.

Just finished watching the movie "Julie & Julia" one night, I was reminded I need to be back to write my blog, to keep the passion to inspire and be inspired. And I love to share with you two of the weddings we last created , both of my clients are amazing, the crowd was great, the mood was right and everyone was on the dance floor.. that's the sight I always look forward to have in any wedding..

So to me, weddings are spectacular, overwhelming and yet sweet and intimate. I still tear in some of the speeches moments, and I am thankful for that, I know weddings will still be dear to my hearts. And 2010, we will create more fantasy weddings.. and it will be a year of weddings across borders. So stay tune..


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