My 3 weeks experience away from home..

It has been 3 weeks since I was back from Europe. My 3 weeks stay in London and Paris was my longest trip away from home since I started Heaven's Gift. But it is one that is filled with timely encounters, precious memories and awesome experiences and I am so glad that I have the time to be away. Thank God for my team who released me to do what I wanted to do.

We have had a great show in Tatler Wedding just 2 days before I left for the trip. Talking about Tatler Wedding show, do look out for the editorial on this. My first Tatler show, yet one that myself and team enjoyed every minute in the planning and the actual day of execution. Though it was a corporate social event, I personally felt it was to me an intimate friendship party - I get to enjoy the fun of the event, worked with people I newly discovered and certainly respected. It was a blast. Awesome! And I can't wait to create another Tatler Gala.

Before the trip, I was going through some soul searchings in my personal life, and some were painful, some were doubtful, some were uncertain. Yet, the busyness of Heaven's Gift does keep me going.  Often you realise busyness doesn't solve the concerns in life, it only shelves them aside. Now looking back the past 1 month, how the trip came about and the timing of all the events coinciding to one another within the trip, I can only conclude : God is sovereign, always good, nothing is ever coincidental. He knows what is best for me and He will path each step for me so precisely. All is good.

I stayed like a British resident, enjoyed the way an Asian's life would be in London. Got to enjoy the stay in simple local town council housing as well as unexpected luxurious penthouse in Westminister. Went to unplanned  trips to Bath &Versailles, and encountered some interesting occasions - The Passing of Olympics Torch and the 4 days Jubilee Celebrations. Met up new aspiring artists and inspired by their boldness and passion in their works, and visited many museums in a trip, and finally embraced the charm and ever-creative cities of London and Paris. It was a trip that allowed me to experience both simple living as well as indulgence living.

In conclusion, I relearn the following principles as an entrepreneur and as an individual, and I thought I should share with my readers my personal quotes and principles , may it bless your heart as it has certainly blessed my life.

  1. Never stop believing in yourself and what you dream to be. Your vision and faith marks your future ahead. And it will always be amazing!
  2. Let go concerns that block your heart to feel the wind of destiny that is coming your way.
  3. Sometimes what you see at current state is temporal, but what you believe within is eternal and powerful.
  4. Mix with people who are passionate, and who put feet into their dreams. They are your dream anchors, as well as your passion companions
  5. Whatever you do, expect pleasant surprises, these are what I called Divine Miracles created just for you!
  6. Don't be contented at your past achievements if you really want to be the pacesetter for extraordinary things. Passion pursues Perfection...
  7. Today's well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. So live well, play hard, and never stop loving. 
  8. Finally, you can plan all your life, but remember : Man plans, but ultimately God directs your path.
Yes, I love what I do... 


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