Roadmaps for Next Generation

Woke up really early today despite it is a public holiday. I suppose to rest, but my mind was bothered by what is upon my heart. And instead of brewing over the disturbed thoughts, a new inspiration came about. And last night, I decide to introduce something afresh to the industry that is close to my heart.

Some of you know that I have been in the wedding industry for coming to 10 years. It has been an amazing journey, and it really has. I have come to know more about myself, and what drives me towards perfection, but most importantly it has enabled me to know better the One who creates me - Almighty God,  and that He is the ultimate perfector of our faith. 

Blogging is a therapy for me, a pity I have not been consistent. Some who reads my blog are surprised at my boldness of truth, but I suppose that is one side you will see of Hannah Chong. To me, the best way to teach and share is to be transparent, and be sincere. There were a few times my pals and partners ask me : Hannah, why don't you teach about wedding planning. Honestly, that thought never really come across my mind, mainly because I don't think I am qualified to teach. When I looked at the gurus such as Colin Cowie, Preston Bailey & Mindy Weiss whom are the benchmarks I strive to become, I concluded I need to excel even more to be considered.  

Over the years, I have seen new talents, young talents and have also recruited young people. I have been a Sunday school teacher and worship leader before, and I have witnessed when we train our kids and youths well, they will become real talents that shape the future. Some of my youths have now grown up to be matured young adults in their 20s, and I am blessed to have some who have worked for me, or interned for me. Every time I think of these interns, I am grateful because they opened up my eyes to see things in different light.

But I have also met a fair share of young people who are shortsighted and are really different from the ones we brought up. Their viewpoint to passion and opportunities are quick fix and fast glory. I was thinking last night : how can we help or influence this new generation of talents? Will we see a quick fix planner, or will we see a rising star in the midst? A pal last night laughed with me : Hannah, how long do you see yourself doing this? Honestly I don't know, I always dreaming of retiring, but never seems to be happening. But if I ever retired soon, I hope to do one last thing for this industry, I hope I can influence or impact right values to the new talents and entrepreneurs. I always believe the best teacher is not just to teach by words, but by investing time, efforts, and even money in those who are truly passionate and diligent. 

This year will be an interesting year for me, as I continue to do the above, I believe God is expanding my heart to see how He sees. I am not sure will I be burnt in the midst of expanding my heart. But I am certain I will grow to be a better person. And I have just started our Heaven's Gift series of career roadmaps for wedding planners. It consists of principles and guidelines I have held on dearly that have sharpened me and made me a better planner. May those who desire to enter into the wedding planning industry be blessed in our series at our corporate facebook


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