2014 - Spring has dawned, Renewed Dreams and Fulfilled Visions

It's always encouraging when I received calls these past days that applicants or clients wanted to know more about Heaven's Gift because they have read my past blog posts. It's pretty embarrassing for me to receive such compliments when I know I have not been a regular blogger for a while. I have hesitated to blog past 2 years because at one point in my life, some make me wonder that my blog will affect poorly on the ones I love or the people around me. Ironically, it actually does not, and on the contrary, fans and clients always remind me they are inspired to believe in dreams bcos of the blog. Isn't life an irony, most of us will want the public to only know the good things we want them to know, and yet the public often want true, honest and sincere reflection of one's life.

Last year before turning 40, everything seems to be going against the tide I was promised to journey on, and despite that, I chose to believe in my inner voice, and persevered through the "seemingly invisible storms" Today, when I looked back, I am grateful to know my God is always faithful, He holds true to the vision He has called me to embrace. What the devil meant it for evil, God has turned it for better of me. Looking back, everything is indeed a blessing in disguise.

Let me share something about my dream when I first decided to become a wedding planner. I wanted to join force with the local planners then, and was wondering : won't it be great if we could join hands to make a great wedding. I always believe in building a community, influencing an industry towards excellence But I soon realised the local community was very closed up, and most hardly shared knowledge bcos everyone was protective of his or her trade secrets, everyone was weary of competition. The wedding industry then was more unfriendly than today. And it took me years to understand how the local industry works.

Then I met a great buddy and excellent photographer - Chi Kuang formerly from 39east, and he showed me that it was possible to build a sharing community. He started the WPN - Wedding Photographer Network (www.wpn.sg), with a vision that the market is big enough for all, and sharing resources and knowledge is the only way to create growth and instil excellence. And to a large extent, today's WPN was established well bcos of a man who believed in his vision, and he was very focused and consistent. When he first started, photographers were weary of his intention, but I believe Kuang has a big heart. In order to share and influence others, you need first to have a big heart to embrace all differences, and bear all criticisms. You will still meet some players who are not keen to share, but more keen to take advantage of the network, but the ones who truly embrace community will become better and they will become the next leader in the industry. Bcos this principle always apply : Freely freely you give, freely freely you will receive.

As for me, I always dream to create one big event with many excellent partners together, from different florists, designers, photographers to even with my fellow friendly competitors - Singapore local planners. The key is I believe in working with the best, bcos passion begets passion, and faith begets faith. But I realised more and more one thing must exist in such partnership beyond mere words of "I want to share" i.e - to be able to work well with all, one needs a big heart to share, and a mind to believe you are not always the best in everything. Only with that attitude, can one become great in what he or she does. That's the real secret which sometimes seem to be the irony.

And it took me 10 years to finally see my vision slowly coming to pass. While some players or the outsiders wonder what's strategy is Hannah having under her sleeves, when they observe what I venture out each year. Interestingly those who truly knew me did not even spend time questioning or speculating, they become the first buddies who join hands to make things happen. They soon understand what I am seeing all these years. Since young, I have been trained by my mentors that a successful entrepreneur will put feet into her/his dreams, and be consistent in pursuing her/his vision. And talkers or gossipers who create strife in the industry will never last, they are simply noises that distract. And that's so true.

This year, you will see Heaven's Gift and the new Heaven's Gift Wedding Concierge join hands with many great partners to do what we love to do - Building a community of great entrepreneurs who will be the market leaders for the next generation and setting trends for the marketplace. Thank God for 2014, and for bringing the like-minded people.
We can't wait to see how all will unfold. Be ready for an awesome year bcos Winter is over, Spring has dawned !!! This is a glimpse of our new and dream office, a blessing that reminds us again and again : In His time, He makes all things beautiful!


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