What is your resolution in 2015? Before you say anything... read on!!

I notice every time I take time to blog, it is always a result of me waking up at wee hours and taking my phone and start reading all the inspirational posts of the day. And that was this post that titled : What have successful people in the world have in common?
And after reading that, I was comforted, bcos many of them wake up early, and consistently among everyone of them, they have a disciplined and consistent lifestyle - exercise, do what they love, spend time with family, and think BIG!

I've just registered our 3rd companies, or should I say the 4th. My buddies in the industry often asked me : Hannah, where do you get all the energy? I think the answer is simple : I believe life is journey to discover, and eventually lead you to where you are called to do. The business world is my calling. I am grateful that God has given me many mentors and opportunities since young, that I have learnt to create something out of nothing. My ex-bosses used to say : Hannah, you are a little chili padi, who spice up life! One who has a macro mind to envision, and yet have the skills to break down into small milestones for your team to fulfill the corporate goals. He called me : A consolidator. 
I never understood what he meant, until I setup on my own 12 yrs ago. But I always remembered what He said about me : "You always work so hard to achieve the things you want. Can I suggest : Work Smart, and Play Hard!" And I never forget that reminder.
My Beloved!
My extended family - people I can rely on!

Having stayed on my own for 9 months recently, I learnt many things in 2014 and I want to share to all my readers, esp the players in my industry few reminders : -
  1. Family is ultimately the most important, and time with them should Never Never compromised! I noticed, while I stayed on my own, I actually made more time for my loved ones. I learn to cook, and I organise more gatherings in the midst of my busyness. Bcos ultimately the purpose of your business, is to give you a lifestyle you could share with people you love. All work and no play makes Jack a poor man, and I mean literally emotionally and spiritually.
  2. Learn to give yourself space to be alone. Outwardly I am very independent, but the real Hannah inside loves company. Honestly, I think the only reason I am not married, is literally God teaching me to rely on Him totally, without reliance on others. These past 9 months, bcos I am alone at apt, I begin to enjoy my space - I learn about many things I actually enjoy doing:  - Cooking, Gardening and eventually Housekeeping! Yes, I think I can be pretty domestic.
  3. Don't procrastinate or Stop procrastination!One of my youth, Lisa used to call me "Auntie Hannah, you are a kickass career woman". Didn't like the nickname when first given, but now I laughed, yes I do make people move to the right directions they should be in. "Procrastination" is never a vocab I want to keep in my life. Now looking back at how Heaven's Gift, Heaven's Gift Wedding Concierge,  Celebrate Heaven  and even our neighbouring partners - Greenpoint, and The Delights Heaven grow, I am thankful for every milestones achieved. Every second you live, you live to your best, bcos never assume time is on your side. This statement has been my life-principle :Today well-lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope. AMEN
    The HW Family - Take a Leap of Faith,
    and Your Dreams will always come to pass!
  4. Laugh as much as you can, Love as long as you live! I kept a little photo of my Dad taken of me when I was really young, and I treasure the below pix dearly. It's me laughing so much that my eyes cant be seen, which has become a signature look. What all of us want at the end of all our pursuit , is to be able to love and laugh freely and genuinely. I think loving someone makes me humble to relearn the ropes of relationship all over again. Often I become very vulnerable, and yet I also realised, is ok to be vulnerable, bcos perfect love will cast out all fears. And this is one thing one should never trade with hardenedness and bitterness. 
    Laugh as much as you can!
  5. Finally, Contentment is Great Gain! When I first step into my little studio home, I was thinking : what a small little space. But I was also reminded by the Holy Spirit, that this place was a God-given gift, bcos 4 yrs ago, I never will have imagined how it will turn out to be liked. Every piece of furniture, every art piece has a story to tell. And I marvel each time I share the story with my pals. If God is not real, then who else is? And to Him I will not stop saying : Thank you for being the best husband!
    Who will expect God to wake you up in the wee hours even for painting shopping!
    Got this painting at the unexpected and precise timing He directs.
    Love it instantly when I saw this Coplu's Painting :
    "Bright Dreams Come from the Natural Minds"
So what is your resolution for 2015! I often heard people say : I don't make new year resolution, bcos etc etc.. but you know what, I challenge you to make one, and envision them come to pass. Stop all the excuses, bcos if I can do it, you definitely can!

And that is what we named our 4th business : Leap Inspire!
Take a leap of faith, Inspire and Be Inspired! Your life is the World & a Grand Big Canvas, so Paint it boldly!


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