2015 - The year of Jubliee for Singapore, and the year of Leap of Faith for Heaven's Gift Wedding Concierge!

Am staying at my parents' place today, and as usual my mind is always active. So now here I am blogging, just after sending a working file to couple's request.
I have 4 concepts to create these 2 weeks, amidst 2 corporate events to propose and plan, and honestly, I should be overwhelmed, but every time I put my brain into conceptualisation, I am always inspired and amazed at what the Lord puts into my mind.
He is really my source of Inspiration, and my greatest gift I have in life.

Just finished proposing a concept to my couple for Alkaff Mansion, and before even presenting that, I love it. These days, young couples have more conservative budget, and I still remembered when they first sent me an email, they listed the budget they have, they were not sure can I work within the budget. But you know something, the public may think Hannah can only create wow concepts only with extreme big budgets, and the irony is many do not aware that I have never started my business with clients that love to splurge or are millionaires. In fact, the very reason we are who we are today, is bcos I stretched ourselves to think out of the box, worked within our clients' needs and their assigned budget, and yet still achieve an impression they are proud to call their own, that's our ultimate success.
Only my team sees the backend work we do, and I am proud that our girls are very hands on, not loud but simply diligent and believe in the boss's visions.

The recent Winter Wonderland expressions we created for our lovely couple at Shangrila
even with conservative budget. One remark from couple : everyone felt so homely with our wedding.
But I am also very fortunate, for the past decade, I have couples who truly trusted me wholeheartedly. Over the past 11 years or more, our creative expressions that linger over a decade are often a result of creating for clients who empower me with their faith, and learn to let go of their control anxiety. You can almost ask every of our couples that I have worked with, Hannah does know what she is doing, pls trust her! Of course, over the years, I have also parted ways with couples who couldn't see eye to eye to what we do. Not many, less than 5 from what I remembered, and I came to conclude, is ok to let go, bcos if the deal is not meant for you, is better you let go. The source of inspiration grows from faith to faith and are never burdensome.

And I am grateful that I have a God who truly provides. My clients often ask me : Hannah, are you religious? And my reply is : Not religious, but thankful. Bcos my Lord provides me everything in my life, that if I will to say it is me and myself doing all the amazing stuff, I am lying. Sometimes when you hear my story, you will marvel at how good my Lord is. And yesterday was another good story to share.

Yesterday's afternoon, after giving a surprise birthday wish for my designer, I felt energised and ended doing something strange - I went for a test drive. Yes, I was tempted to upgrade my Mini, which I have bought 2 yrs plus ago. I still remembered when I bought my Clubman Hampton, I never even thought of changing my Swift, bcos once I like something, I don't like to change. But I was bored, so I told myself, maybe I should go for test drive and chill myself up. In the end, I discovered, I could pay a bit more, and I could get my limited edition Mini, with all the free upgrades. Life is so strange, I would never think my family would like a min with 3 doors passenger opening, but sis loves it, said it was spacious, so that's how I ended up with a Mini Clubman Hampton. Fit for me to carry my props around for events, and spacious for me when fetching parents around.
The little things God cares and provides.
But I never thought this would be one great story I could share. Only until yesterday, I went for test drive again for fun, and realised that these days, the government has set restrictions on the downpayment and the loan period.  Interestingly, the new change came just months after I bought my Hampton, and I was clueless about it. So when the sales man was calculating for me, he looked at me and smile : you sure you want to upgrade yr limited edition for just another mini? I laughed, ya you are right, I rather keep my limited edition Clubman Hampton.
So while I was walking back to my car, I looked at my little Hampton, as if I was looking at it for the first time, and I am grateful. God even knows when I should buy a car, which is nothing spiritual.
He knows Hannah loves limited editions, She needs a car that is concept car, and yet functional, and to top it off, the car has the logo "H" all over it. I kinda giggled within : Ok Lord, you do know me very well, and thank you for reminding me I am very blessed.

On my way back, can't help texting my business partner Kim and shared the story. We are few days to launch the next big thing what we are doing for the year of Jubilee. It has been in our hearts since we merge and the car testament was an assurance to remind us : We are blessed & He is watching, so whatever we do, we will do well, bcos no timing is coincidence. Every of our footsteps is ordered by the Lord, and I can't wait to share what we will be doing very very soon!


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