23 March 2015 - The Day we will all remember.

Just completed 2 wedding events last 2 days, and have been wondering why I am so stressed this time in a wedding, where the setup was basically pretty straight forward. And at 2am on 23 March, I finally got home after all the handover and tear down of the wedding, and then the hour of truth was dawned - the passing of our Great Founder - Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

The entire mix of emotions from the joy of completing a beautiful wedding to the mourning of a beloved founder was overwhelming for me. And I finally teared....
It was the same emotions and processes I went through when my grandma passed on in 2008. She died just at a time when I was running 2 weddings back to back...  It was too much of everything at one time. I was devastated then and yet I needed to appear sober and in control in front of my wedding couples as I planned a beautiful wedding for each of them,. It was a week that I was really broken and humbled.
I can just imagined what is happening right now even at the heart of the Lee family... nothing can fully describe the loss they are facing while they still have to appear strong in the eyes of many.

I never get to meet Mr Lee face to face, I never get close enough to even shaking his hands or taking a snap shot of his appearance. But my heart was overwhelmed and saddened at this hour. I suppose I know why - I do not just lost a former Minister Mentor Lee, I actually lost the one who founded my identity as a Singaporean.

So as I mourn and remember this day, this is my humble tribute to Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,
Love leaves a memory no one can steal.

Thank You for being who You are all these years,
 even when no one truly comprehends what You do even in tears.
Thank You for instilling in us with Your firmness
even when we fight within us in our indefiniteness.
Thank You for living a life with sure determination 
for this has marked the journey of our predestination.
Thank You most of all for simply loving us
so that We can continue to have faith and love in return..."

Giving tribute to the One and Only Founder that makes a difference in 
who I am , what I do, and how I think as a true breed Singaporean.


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