God is so so good!!!

Tonight is the last night in Bali.. before I head home and face the reality of work again.. But I must say this trip is so fruitful and I am blessed :

  1. Got upgraded to a good room from Conrad and enjoyed the discounts..
  2. Met great partners who are keen to expand the business with you
  3. Met a genius cake chef.. never thought I could find a good cake chef here that is compatible to Singapore's standard
  4. Discover few more great resorts for weddings
  5. Found out so many great entrepreneurs and business man here are ladies... Japanes, Singaporean, Malaysian and Indonesian.. further inspires me in this area
  6. Got some time to rest and relax.. shop and spa... something unexpected to receive in my job, since I am always work in all my trips
  7. Met a great driver who is so sincere and learn something new abt Bali again...
  8. And most of all, miss the one I love and discovered how much I wish he's here...

Oh God, you are so good.... Bless all the works of my hands and JH's.