Moments of Stillness

Past few days went off so fast, I finally finished all the props preparation for this coming Easter, completed planning a wedding on 1 April 2007.
So happy that all went well, one of the guests actually called me today and asked me for one of the songs that was played in the wedding, and thanked me for a lovely wedding... It was a pleasant surprise.

After the call, I stared at my screen for a while... I was glad, yet there was some moments of indescribable emotions. Pastor prayed for me last nite that I would find rest in the mist of the busyness.. and this morning on my way to the office, I suddenly felt I was driving on a foreign road, as if I was back in Melbourne again. I recalled the short films I saw this morning too.. and missed the moments of those quaint Colonial houses, with beautiful gardens, and neighbours simply taking their leisure stroll in the gardens.

Ya, I am in my dreamland again.. I do miss the quiet moments I had to myself in a strange land and taking my time to appreciate the moments and surroundings around me. Somehow, my heart aches again for those still moments. This picture is a good illustration of how I felt, longing for a new morn in a new land... and the memories of my beloved one flashes back again and again.. when is the day to come, Lord?