Como Shambhala - a great place to hold weddings

I just came back today from a Bali wedding.. and I had a great time tho this is the first time we did such a big scale wedding for an overseas destination where almost 100 guests flown in to Como Shambhala in Begawan Giri, Ubud from all over the world.. There are special lightings to be installed on the trees for a outdoor concept, African Chant and Bali Ringet, fire dances, rain stopper to hope to stop the raining season in Ubud (which I didn't really believe ), and the authenticity of Bali cultures..

At the end of the day, when you saw the smiles of my couple' and their guests, I know it was a memorable wedding.. guests danced from 8.30am to 12 midnight, and still lingered to chat... My bride danced all night, while the groom has too much to drink... and everyone was happy. Our groom sent me an email today and said "Hannah : Thank you again for a sensational job. Well done!" But what pleased me most is, I witnessed one of the most dynamic, personalised and efficient team of Begawan Giri. Now I would say to my customers, paying US$50K to book the entire estate for a wedding (besides the the F & B cost) is worth it.. you have personalised and willing butler, and the view of the most relaxed place. The butler was so attentive and detailed, and always willing to serve you to a point you feel you are the queen at that villa... I know I will come back to this resort if not for another wedding, it will be for a stay for myself... such is the service level of a boutique and luxurious resort. Much to learn from even for the service level of 5 stars hotels here.

Coming back home, the only thing I look forward is being with my Granny.. seeing her walking independent, and smiles on her face brought such peace within. Tho I have much cares to handle when back home, somehow I know God has been good.. and I determined to bring back the serenity of Bali back to the lifestyle in Singapore..


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