Customer Service = Your Service Their Experience

I just replied a disappointing email to the Chef Owner of a well known restaurant in Ubud... M.Bali. Today, I ran around hoping to secure a good place for a pre-wedding party for my couple.. and I learnt a new lesson in serving customers.

I called up a particular restaurant and asked "Hi, can I speak to Miss I have made a booking thru her for our couple for their pre-wedding party. This is their big day and I want to make it special. Besides, my couple is a regular patron of your restaurants, and we hope to confirm a few elements. And the reservation staff simply replied"Miss Hannah, I am taking over Miss XX.. I will send you a fax, pls fill up the form, if we do not receive the form and the guaranteed details in 2 hours time, we will not guarantee any booking. And I looked at my watch, that's so much to do in 2 hours, I had to call my client, get his credit cards, and apparently I have to photocopy his passport and credit card and rush to fax over the letter, in the mist of all my meetings in order to secure a booking.. The mere reason was the restaurant was very popular.. and they cannot entertain such bookings even the couple is a regular guest.

What irritated me was not meeting all these booking requirements... it was the way the staff has put forth in processing the order.. She literally forgot who is the customer..
Reluntantly, I have to ask them to speak to my couple directly. And the same crude treatment was given. Later that night, I met up some industry owners, and realised the restaurant was well known for their arrogance and inflexibility.
Eventually, with the help of my business partners, we found an alternative place for our couple. The owner of Lambak Restaurant in Bali, Mr Roland Lickerd was not only willing to accommodate last min request (we called him at 9pm, asking for special customised menu for 8pm tomorrow), he rushed to make some calls, quicky do up a menu for us.. and even arranged complimentary transfers for us..

What a difference in service attitudes.. Sometimes, when one company gets famous, they forgot the fundamentals that make them famous.. it was really not just the food or product they sell.. it's the experience customers are requiring to make their day count. At the end of the day, today's customers are paying to create or indulge in an experience.
My groom eventually sent a email to the former restaurant "If you can't accommodate the booking, then we simply look elsewhere..." They have just make one unhappy customer. I am certain my groom is not coming back to this place ever even if that's the best restaurant in that city.

In our industry, we always must remember, we are living in a changing environment.. we are creating impressions everyday, and everyday's impression overrule the other.. even if we choose to believe it or not. And the more I am in this industry, the more I have to remind myself of that.. Let's not forget the fundamentals of Customer Service - Your Service Their Experience.


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