Bali... a magical place

Just came back from Bali, and it has been a fruitful trip. In the past, I would feel the place was too religious and contrary to my faith. Yet these past few years of frequent visits, I grow to love this place. It is filled with beautiful people and amazing wonders. Below are some pictures I have taken over the years.
Now I understand why so many couples love to get married here. And Heaven's Gift will be launching Bali wedding packages for couples who simply want a simple intimate, no fuss destination wedding. And we make it affordable for you.

One change I do notice tho, 10 yrs ago, Bali was a place for the couples, the singles.. to date, Bali has become a family place. It was interesting to see couples bringing their children even their parents and rent a villa to stay. A great place for family retreat. I am considering for mine too..

I simply love Balinese kids... They are so lovely

It's time to relax, and away from the busy citylife