I am heading off to Bali...

I have been running back to back for weddings (too many last min weddings these days).. and still trying to keep my schedule of children worship ministry and my cell ministry.. inevitably I have not rested much these past 1 month...

Nevertheless, at the end of each wedding, when I received the thank you notes from my couples and esp from their parents, I know all has been well. It is always interesting to see the change from the first time I meet the parents in food tastings to the actual date of the weddings.. From their initial moments of uncertainty - "why my children want to hire a stranger as the planner" to the final realisation of the beautiful wedding details and moments shown on that day. This is something I am proud to be able to witness.

I just know I need to put my body to rest.. This week I will be in Bali to do some site visit and concept creations for a wedding... and I am really hope I get to slow down and get some time off..
Singapore life is becoming more and more hectic... and if we are not careful, we will be swept by the crazy pace, and forgetting to tell ourselves - Be healthy, and be happy, remember to take time to spend with your loved ones... and I am reminded : tomorrow, I must pay my granny a visit. oh Hannah.. you have so much to do...you really need to slow down.


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