Bali Weddings - More to come

These days, we see many advertisements and featured articles on Bali weddings.. and indeed Bali is a great place to get marry in. Received some great shots from Kuang (from 39 East Photography) who is such a great chap to work with. So enjoy some of his details shot I have asked him to take for me for this wedding..

And I simply love Balinese and our people who worked there. They just know how to serve the guests. And as simple as we think they can be, they are a joy to work with, we have a good team in Bali who we are proud to have. Building a floating stage and a floating dance floor was never an easy task.. but our team did it to our precision, and it is just perfect when all is completed. Our guests always have fun at our weddings, and you bet the photographers have great time capturing those moments.
So look out for more Bali Weddings Heaven's Gift is offering : Be it Simple Exotic Bali Weddings, or An Extravagant Celebration you want to spend with all your loved ones, we have something for everyone.

More pix from Gabriel Mendes