Excitement is in the air...

Back from Turkey, and somehow I was inspired by the Asian part of Turkey. I marvelled at the wisdom of Ancient Man, and I stood in awe the special provisions of God to His people. These were some of the places I love. Somehow I know 2009 and 2010 is going to be a year of unexpected reaping of His provisions... like what the saying goes : Soon all will be revealed and all will know in His time, He makes all things beautiful.

Cappadocia - Ancient Christians hiding places

Colourful Spices of Turkey

Ephesus TheatreImagine a theatre that holds 25,000 pax, and the Ancient architect could create it in such as way that when the speaker spoke from the stage, everyone at the theatre could hear him clearly - without any need of mikes and sound system.. that's genius.

Pamukkale - Beautiful Limestones..It was awesome walking down on these nature-crafted land


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