I just love cookies & candies

Just got this picture from Eng Hong from39east.
I am in the current craze for creating cookies and candies corners, or rather I was.

Something I felt guests will enjoy and love the thrill of rekindling their love for old time favourites. Have done 3 of such concepts, but 3 very different feel... so when all the pictures are out.. you will get a glimpse of it. All these are so unique and it challenges me to make every one of them so different, and each concept that reflects my couple.
My colleague asked, so are we having cookies corner again for June weddings.. I said, no more, it's time to move on, because I just like the thrill to do something different and be the first to do so in Singapore, and I am certain it's time to move on, good things are treasured when they are limited.
And this is my first creation for Joelle & Jos wedding - 1920s vintage charm


t|ng said…
hi hannah! though i am not a customer, but i frequently drop by your blog. please do update the Heaven's Gift website! =)

i am deeply inspired by your creations (i would not insult the weddings by saying that they are "work") and even hope to be your customer one day. =)
Hannah Chong said…
Hi tlng,

Thanks for dropping by... in fact we are definitely upgrading our sitel, hence explained why I am so busy.. so look out for it soon... It will be a new look, new identity.. but still very Heaven's Gift and much to see.

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